How to Join

Membership Application Forms

Click on the links below to download our membership application form.


CDA MEMBERSHIP FORM (word version)

When you have completed this form, please post it (including cheque if relevant) to:

CDA Membership Secretary
44 Shaw Crescent, Sanderstead, CR2 9JA.


CDA Membership options

There are three options to choose from:

1. £15.00 – SINGLE Membership of the Croydon Dyslexia Association (CDA) only for an individual / family, which provides:

  • 3 newsletters from Croydon Dyslexia Association
  • free entry to 6 open information meetings / workshops (non-members pay an entrance charge of £5.00 per meeting- deductible on joining CDA)

2. £20.00 – DUAL Membership of the Croydon Dyslexia Association (CDA) and the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) for an individual/ family which provides the same benefits as single membership, plus:

  • BDA magazine ‘Dyslexia Contact’ 3 times a year
  • Invitations to BDA AGM, Council Meetings, Members’ Day and an individual BDA voting right

3. £25.00 – CORPORATE Membership, for schools, colleges and other institutions, which has the same provision as Dual Membership and allows for any members of the institution to attend the public meetings, individually or in a group.


Subscription Payments

CDA are able to accept payment for the annual subscription for SINGLE, DUAL or CORPORATE membership by any of the following methods:

  • Cheque payable to Croydon Dyslexia Association
  • Standing Order set up by you through your bank account
  • Funds / money transfer through your bank account (our bank account details are on the form)


Please note:

When completing the SINGLE Membership form, the information provided is for sole use of CDA’s membership database and associated communication.  The information will not be passed on or used for any other form of communication.  To receive email communications from CDA regarding newsletters and meeting reminders, you must tick the consent box on the form.

For DUAL and CORPORATE members only – the information you provide on this form will be used to process your CDA membership and associated communication and then passed on to the British Dyslexia Association for the purposes of their membership and necessary communication.  Again there are consent boxes that need to be ticked to receive other email communication from CDA and BDA, and also a box to consent to receiving in the post the BDA thrice yearly ‘Contact’ magazine.

More information about CDA?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0333 111 00 66 (evenings and weekends until 9pm)


Registered Charity No. 289947 (A member of the British Dyslexia Association)