ICT links

Many thanks to Sabine Bodzian, Product Manager at iansyst Ltd. for supplying this information – www.iansyst.co.uk

Product sites with demos

Nessy: Nessy Learning Programme, Nessy Fingers

Crick: Clicker 5, WriteOnline, ClozePro

Claro: ClaroRead Standard and Plus, ClaroView, ClaroCapture

Texthelp: Read & Write Gold for Schools

Nuance: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 10

MindGenius: MindGenius 3

Inspiration Software: Inspiration, Kidspiration

Sonocent: Audionotetaker

Wizcom: ReadingPen TS

CapturaTalk: CapturaTalk

Product sites without demos

EarlBright: Oribi VeritySpell

WhiteSpace: WordShark4, NumberShark4

Olympus: VN-5500PC Digital Recorder

AlphaSmart: Neo2

Franklin Portable Spelling devices: Franklin TPQ-109 Speller and Thesaurus, Franklin LWB-1216 Literacy Word Bank

Lucid: Ludcid CoPS and LASS

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